Flexothane Waterproof Jacket


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Flexothane® Classic is a revolutionary combination of high quality hydrolysis-resistant polyurethane coating on a stretchable polyamide 6.6 knitted base fabric, which has excellent waterproof, wind protection and resistance to cold. Due to its composition, Flexothane® Classic offers extended durability against hydrolysis. Extended wear life is equal to increase value for money.

Application / Activities:

General protective foul weather clothing for maximum comfort.

The flexothane waterproof jacket is light (±180 g/m2), breathable, cold resistant, stretchable, highly tear resistant, durable, noiseless, hygienic, environmentally friendly, antifungicaudally treated, resistant to blood born pathogens.

Waterproof, Windproof, Supple, Comfortable, Highly resistant to tear, Very stretchable, Noise free, Lightweight, Machine washable, Ecological, Hygienic.

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